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5 Software and Gadgets to Improve Your Work From Home Experience


In order to survive the economic disruption caused by the pandemic, companies and businesses all over the globe allowed their employees to work remotely. While this has helped companies survive and thrive during the pandemic, employees who work from home are feeling overwhelmed as this work arrangement also has its own set of challenges. The line between work and home life is now blurred, and many are finding it hard to prioritize their own needs as work takes precedence. In addition, the small office joys that helped us take the edge off at work and kept us engaged ⁠— the coffees, the lunches, and the gossip ⁠— are now gone.

Finding motivation while working from home more than a year into the pandemic can be difficult. For this reason, we’ve listed below five software and gadgets that can help enhance your work from home experience and inspire you to work through these distressing times.

An Ergonomic Mouse

If you work from home, it’s best that you get an ergonomic mouse to prevent straining your hand. If you continue to use your computer with a standard mouse, you may cause a repetitive strain injury to your wrist, which then leads to pressure over the median nerve. Over time, this can result in the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. By using an ergonomic mouse, you can effectively reduce the long-term damage to your hand and wrist, as well as prevent lifestyle diseases like arthritis.

An Electric Desk Riser

Another ergonomic tool, an electric desk riser is a kind of standing desk converter that allows you to raise your computer or workstation to your desired height. People today are becoming more health-conscious and increasingly worry about the long-term effects of bad posture. Because of this, those who spend long periods of time working on their computer have been looking for ways to reduce the strain their body experiences. Electric desk risers today have programmable height range settings and are equipped with a smooth lift mechanism, allowing you to transition your working position with ease.

Productivity Applications

The problem with working from home is that not everyone has a carved-out workspace in their house that’s free from distractions. More often than not, those who work from home usually work in communal areas such as the dining room or the living room. To filter out distractions and keep your productivity rates high, you should use productivity applications. These applications vary from timers, to-do lists, and website blockers ⁠— all of which can help you direct your energy on the important tasks you have at hand.

Security Tools

Another issue that troubles those who work from home is keeping their work files secure and protected. Outside of an office, employees are at a higher risk of being targeted by malicious cyber attacks. If you don’t want your personal and work information to be compromised, you should download security programs such as antivirus software. In addition, using a VPN can further protect your information as this will make sure that all the data that goes in and out of your computer is encrypted.

A Reliable Wi-Fi Router

A good wireless router is key to a streamlined and stress-free work from home experience. If your Wi-Fi router is reliable, you can work without any lags and upload your deliverables effortlessly. However, it can be daunting to pick out a Wi-Fi router, especially since manufacturers describe their routers using industry jargon. If you want to pick out a good Wi-Fi router, be sure to do your research and intensively read reviews until you find one that best fits your needs.

By using the tools above, you can improve your work from home experience and motivate yourself to do better at work even if you’re isolated from your colleagues. If you want an in-depth insight on how to perform excellently in a remote working arrangement, be sure to read our series of blog posts on how to work remotely.

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