Comprehensive Snowboard Progression Experience from Day 1 to Intermediate Level (Video)


Edit: I realized that it’s probably tough for random viewers to commit or dedicate 20m not knowing if the content will be interesting for them so to solve that problem I’ve provided links to specific parts of the video woo! Just refer to the table of contents below!

Here I talk about my entire experience when I first started snowboarding up until current times where I’d say I’m intermediate to advanced level where I can do any mountain, any trail colour (green, blue, red, black, terrain park).

Table of contents

These time links are also available (and clickable) in the description body if you go to the youtube vid itself.

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Quick background prior to learning: 0:50
  • First time snowboarding: 1:57
  • Purchasing gear the first time: 5:10
  • Things you’ll need to buy: 6:13
  • How to learn by yourself: 6:30
  • Start of year-by year breakdown: 8:03
  • Year 1 Summary: 8:11
  • Year 2 Summary: 10:04
  • Building Confidence: 10:59
  • What do green, blue, and black trails mean? (Trail difficulties) 11:07
  • Different Types of Snow 12:16
  • Year 3 Summary: 13:06
  • Terrain parks basics: 14:17
  • Year 4 Summary: 15:50
  • Year 5 Summary: 17:20
  • How I knew that I was “good” already (not great or epic, but just good): 18:36

I break down my challenges, progress, and achievements season by season, year by year (five years).

Related topic: Environmental and Sustainability Impact of the Ski / Snowboard Industry

Transcription automatically generated below:

all right next video you can clearly see

that you know I just did all these in

one shot

same outfit same frame everything

alright this video I want to talk about

I want to talk about snowboarding even

though it’s done and it was cut short

really really short for obvious reasons

you know virus no global warming things

like this

yeah will attend to that I do have a

different article different video about

you know sustainability of snowboarding

um hey nice what this video I wanted to

talk about basically my experience

snowboarding I think this year it’s been

five years already started to run 2015

snowboarding and yeah just to give you a

quick background you know I was I was

born in a tropical country so at first

the idea the concept of winter sports

very new to me sorry and yeah it was

just interesting to me and I wanted to

try something new you know that being

made into I really wanted to get into Oh

interest work at least one winter sport

skating was a casual thing you do with

your friends awesome and I do that but

at one point I wanted to try eiders

snowboarding or hockey right and I tried

both I tried snowboarding first actually

I haven’t tried talked hockey yet only

because as I grew up in all the sports

that I engage in it’s always team sports

it’s always constant contact sports and

I just have lots of that already grew up

with basketball immersing myself in

football you know I don’t need an ice

version of that at least not right now

hockey’s interesting I think it’s cool

I think it’s amazing but I’ll try that

later on

anyways I tried snowboarding for the

very first time that’s around 2015 tried

a good friend of mine had no idea what

to expect

all I knew was that everybody kept on

telling me I will follow a lot I’m sorry

so before before yeah before I go on

with my story what I’m trying to get

with this video is that yeah I just

wanted to tell you my story basically

basically my progression progression

from zero to hero I’m alright I’m

intermediate I would say and yeah you

know hopefully it’s motivating this

video is useful for people who are

trying to or entertain the idea of

snowboarding I think most some if not

all of this would be real it relatable

to skiing but yeah you just have to like

tweak it I’m not a skier so just take

what you can I guess you know it’s both

downhill ski mountain thing a race yeah

continuing with the story you know try

it for the first time all I wanted to or

all I expected was I was going to fall a

lot I was gonna get hurt a lot because

you know you fall a lot um no I did not

I did not get hurt a lot you will fall

yes but not like a painful like you know

like right hit to the tailbone not like

that it’s really just like a falling

okay like there’s the chunky part of

your butt so it’s that’s not painful

it’s it’s a lot of work to there’s a lot

of like physical work I think cuz you’re

wearing all these jacket is it’s heavy

and you’re not wearing the proper attire

cuz you’re doing it the first time and

you’re sweating which is adding to the

weight and then you’re just like

carrying yourself you know you’re

pushing yourself off of the snow or like

you’re kind of like pulling yourself up

like that so it’s a workout back to back

and just for snowboarding you sit down a

lot you strap on a lot like and that’s

that actually takes more effort and

energy compared to actual it

snowboarding is buddy that way but

anyways how long we just let me just get

to my notes here I have yeah and then

what gets to my pace you know I try to

divert it very first time I loved it

it’s one of those things I’m one of

those people who I don’t really need to

try it several times to know if I like

it or not usually I try

once or twice and I know if I you know

want it or not in this case I loved it

as you can see there’s a passion there’s

an entire content just for my experience

with this one and yeah I just wanted to

sell you the pace on that so ever Sisson

ever since that I tried it on a Saturday

with a friend I was like I came home I

was like all smiles good experience like

love this you know

and the following day Sunday when your

body is still aching I’m like let’s do

it again

like I just like include my sister gay

you want to try something and then yeah

there’s that and then to the pace of

that I always advise that don’t don’t

don’t buy your gear early because you

want to know more about your sport or

like the the kind of snowboarder you

want to be before you buy here so it’s

kind of geared towards that but for me I

tried it twice by renting the third time

I was shopping for snowboards already

but I was being realistic you know so I

was kind of going against my tip there

and I guess that’s why I’m reinforcing

the tough because I’m learning for my

it’s not mistake it’s just a little bit

tweaking but anyways I learned from dad

and when I when I when I said I bought

my dear I didn’t go fancy I just bought

the entry level bindings entry levels

snowboard and like you know I’m talking

to the sales staff I’m like I don’t know

anything about snowboard what is the

most beginner entry level board here

you know the safest the the thing that

would you know learned the most I didn’t

care about the graphics I didn’t care

about the style or whatever I’m just

like I just want to learn right now you

know and and that was very useful so

three things you’re gonna need these are

the boots the bindings and the board

bindings is that mechanism that attaches

your foot feet both of them to the board

yeah and then my list yeah after that I

would constantly watch it YouTube videos


I would go alone every now and then I

would go alone

not because I’m a loner but because you

know I’m starting to the sport most

people around me are either experienced

or you know intermediate is for them

it’s not fun to go snowboarding with me

and at the same time it wouldn’t be fun

for me if you’re just advanced right I’m

just gonna I dare you know you know what

I mean

so I think of those as like the training

days that I have and it’s like no one to

wait for you’re just going and ripping

and just like learning falling improving

you know constantly progressing

snowboard is progression all the time I

don’t think you will ever perfect it you

always learn something every day and

that’s the good part of it I think yeah

and then I would just go home at it you

know I knew I loved it so I was just

like go for it back to back snowboard

and like dirt moments like even now I

get into like this weird sketchy

situations and I’m just like if you have

a mic in my helmet and my entire thing

I’m going down and I’m just laughing

like oh my god oh my god like you know

so the dice here it gets I’m like oh my

god I’m just a laughing like I know I’m

gonna fall anytime soon but it’s a great

experience so yeah that’s kind of my

background just like so long things

shits like eight minutes already

yeah and then I just wanted to talk

roughly like a year by year the progress

of what I’ve done first year was the

basics the very first time I tried


we had we had it with the proper

instructor you know learning the basics

of it

heel edge to edge skating binding or

strapping up things like that and then

you just go go go and then after that

he’s you know the very first lesson

you’ll you’ll have you’re gonna dump a

bunch of information from me and you can

actually go along with that movie like

practice yourself with three more

sessions cuz it just it’s just practice

and just like you know like skill

learning basically like stopping it

slowing and stopping with your Gila

slowing and stopping with your toe edge

right so if this is your feet looking

like that toe heel so you’re stopping

like that when you’re facing downhill or

if you’re facing up above the hill you

want to stop way to toe right give it to

me good my me basics like Billis then

after dad you know like me everyone

it was just a lot of those I was even

scared just pointing my board down

because the moment you do that right so

it’s just a lot of like slowing control

control is very important here like all

things in football control football you

know black and blue ball not the yeah

basic concepts and then there’s like

year one also when I say you’re one I’m

not snowboarding for 365 days it’s

basically just one winter season just

maybe like a roughly two three four

months at best and then you know I would

go on the weekends no like you’re

working professional so year – it’s more

than polishing the base legs it’s more

like linking terms so you know you know

how to slow down with your heel edge and

then you would go straight you would

straighten your board right straight at

your board and then you would transition

to toe edge that’s slow like that

because you know as you especially with

snowboarders so this is very evident you

know when you’re going down to hill it’s

usually like that skiers love it just

like pointing and Donnelly like that

obviously not everyone but you know

which snowboarders like our our you know

animation is basically like back you’re

you’re moving no edge to edge basically

it’s for use for your control you know

if you really just want to just like gun

it and just you know just go fast you

just lie your board flat they don’t like

oh my god I’m learning so you want

control you want edge to edge also

building confidence

in snowboarding as if you don’t know yet

there’s there’s levels under mountain

it’s color-coded

there’s green blue and black a place in

North America easy medium hard basically

so obviously you’re just gonna start

with the easy trail and then you want to

build confidence and also you want to

build confidence so you also want to

build skill to actually go to the next

level which are the blue ones and in the

black when for the difficulty it’s more

on freedom most part the difference is

the slope right the slope of the actual

terrain obviously the steeper it is the

faster you’re gonna have to go or

sometimes it’s not for example there are

certain blue trails that are not as not

steeper compared to the green ones but

they’re just more challenging you know

it’s just like mobile there’s bunch

trees here it’s just like that so you

want to be able to go a few – right if

you’re not just going a ski resort and

you’re just gonna go with green trails

every time you wanna you want to

progress when I improve if you want to

get good at it

right also as you experience you get to

experience different types of snow if

you’re not into any winter you know you

probably know this if you’re in a winter

climate which is basically just a fresh

fallen snow the powder that’s what we

call POW that’s like you know the salt

after a type of snow and then as it gets

warmer in warmer it just transition

those two ice you don’t want that and

then yeah there’s it’s like other you

know types in-between and those types

in-between affect how you ride and how

attentive and how responsive and

sensitive you have to be and how you’re

gonna have to like you know navigate

through that so you want to learn that

and I learned out around like year two

because you know the more experienced

yeah and yeah it’s just overall lots of

practice year three it was more

upgrading myself i from green vert come

with green I would go to blue trails and

that’s I was very comfortable with that

too and eventually I you know I would do

blacks to the you know black being the

most difficult by the way the the color

coding their relative it’s just easy

medium hard so a ski resorts easy is

sometimes another ski resorts medium if

you know what I mean so it’s it’s not

absolute you know and it’s just

something to keep in mind yeah it was

year three was like a your

experimentation it’s like pushing the

boundaries I tried blue I tried black

when I got comfortable but blue I would

hit up some blocks and like all right

this is great but I don’t I don’t want

to blacks a lot not because I’m scared

at it it’s just more like it’s a lot of

work sometimes it’s not fun if it’s nice

and just like got it like that perfect

but if it’s just like work it like it’s

not fun you know I also tried terrain

parks and with terrain parks I liked

jumps because you know terrain parks you

know this like snowboarders going on

pipes on boxes or you know like half

pipes like that there’s also just the

jump I like jumping and I really want to

get good at that

with those jumps there’s also small

medium and large to that obviously you

want to start with small and yeah I did

that and I actually got injured and yeah

yeah I know I tried that I tried that

and then it was like towards the end of

year three I was just like alright we’re

kind of like getting a little bit you

know out of hand here so I just like

tone it down get back to basics and

prove a little bit more and toned out in

the whole experimentation thing I’ve

also been going a bit big mountains at

this point and when I say big mountains

obviously ski resorts they’re different

deuces small ski resorts where that’s

where I learned and then as I get bigger

and bigger it gets more and more

expensive also there’s more variety but

at the same time the difficulty also

scales up right

so if you don’t know what you’re doing

you’re kind of wasting your time kind of

wasting up money I was able to go dose

and year three again I’m one of those

people who when I really got and get

into it just like I go hard and yeah New

Year 3 I’m like going to Austria or

Apple ready for that so go figure this

year for which was for like just last

year it was really just like me

rolling up over the first three years

and I feel like with this I’m just

getting more and more confident with

myself and with my skill level I was

able to do small jumps in sometimes

medium jumps again it’s relative sizing

so one ski resorts small jump is another

ski resorts medium jump so yeah like

those then I went to other big mountain

we call this locations ski resorts and

obviously you’re exposed to more

experience and you just level up real

quick on those I’ve tried trees going

through trees I’m not good at it yet but

it’s an experience and then you know you

know like get into dicey situations

where it’s ice things like this and even

off off piste so when you go to ski

resort days of action it’s usually a

track that you follow right when you’re

going down the the parts where it’s the

parts off the track the track slash

piste on piste off piste if that made

sense yeah so like the texture of the

snow is different on that too and it’s

badder sometimes and that’s great but

it’s just less more maintenance there

right so you gotta know what you’re

doing before you actually hop on to

those sorts of things yeah and then year

and five so but you know melded together

because it’s yeah I wouldn’t say there’s

like a hard mark it was just you know

just things that I’ll tell you Indiana I

just wanted to go through my notes here

yeah you’re five you’re like I’m able to


operated GoPro with grip I got a bunch

of videos there you can see I was able

to come comfortably and confidently go

through medium jumps now I can’t get I

can’t wait for life but that goes no

rush I can do flat tricks you know just

know how to kind of like flex and Bend

my board kind of use whatever you know

technical technique and skill that you

can do and yeah lately it’s just been

focusing on like you want to do

experimental and like cutting-edge stuff

or you want to get there but at the same

time you also want to do it safely

cuz you know I’m not young I’m not not

easy 18 years old you know I’m not old

boom I’m not 18 years old so like

recovery time kind of slows down for bid

and you know when it’s painful it’s

freaking painful like that but anyway so

what I was trying to get up with the the

melding of like kids like your ones very

obvious two three kind of mixes together

four or five kind of makes us together

four or five the moments where I knew

that I was good yeah I crossed that

threshold was that you know you get into

like situations where you catch an edge

so you throw yourself and then somehow

you just know that the mechanics of it

that you know that as your role if you

do this you’re actually gonna land again

board down and then I would do that you

know I did that a couple of times I

would catch my board and I would like

throw myself and then somehow on my

actors like well I’m still standing and

then you know the past trips that I had

I would I would go real fast and then

something would happen to me someone

would cut me and I’m like I know what to

do I’m like emergency situations then I

would catch myself and stop myself on

time and you know everything’s safe but

anyways that’s my experience you know

just what the when I hit the 20 minute

thing so like and subscribe and

hopefully that kind of gave you like an

idea of how the first five years would

go you know if you’re in the same pace

as me anyway seriously if you have any

questions just like write them down

and I’ll answer them all right all right

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