Dope Snow Adept W Snowboard Jacket Review


Finally I got to connect with a friend of mine who owns a Dope Snow jacket! I don’t have one but I’ve always been curious and have always wanted to review about it. Now she’s gotten back to me so if you’re looking for a review about the Adept Snowboard jacket, here it is and hope you find it useful.

Ps, this is her review of the women’s jacket. If this is what you’re looking for, perfect! If you’re looking for the men’s version (same product name, without the W), I’d assume it would be the same and that her feedback would still apply apart from some contour differences.

What’s your first impression of the jacket upon receiving it?

“I loved the colors, it felt like good quality and was lighter than I expected”

How’s the insulation of the jacket? (how is it from 1-10, 10 being hottest)

“I would say it’s an 8, it feels thin so I was worried I would get cold but on a blue bird day in Utah to a very snowy day in Utah, I was comfortable in both conditions”

To give context to people, are you the type to get cold easily, or always warm, or neutral?

“I’m typically always warm so I wanted a thinner jacket that I could layer underneath so I wouldn’t be sweating all the time”

What else do you wear inside your outwear jacket?

“I wear a long sleeve and a colombia quarter zip with heat tech. On colder days I also wear a thin sweatshirt”

How’s the fit/sizing of the jacket?

“It runs big, I actually returned my first one for a smaller size, I would have expected it to be a little longer for snowboarders”

Price: How’s the quality of the product in relation to its price?

“it was $199 so similar to other good quality ski/snowboard jackets. It has every feature you could want in a jacket and will last years” 

One to two things you like about it?

“I absolutely love all of the features of this jacket: it has an inner wrist guard with a thumb hole so you never get snow down your wrists, it has a large hood made to fit over helmets for those colder/windy days. It has tons of pockets including a media pocket on the chest and a pass pocket in the arm.”

One to two things you do NOT like about it?

“I wish it was a little longer, and it’s slightly narrow so it gets together towards the bottom so it’s not as comfortable sitting on the lifts”

Lastly, would you recommend?

“Yes would 100% recommend!” 

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