Helno, tourist density app snapshot

Help Us Improve Your Travel Planning by Adding a Pin on the Map!


Hi guys! God don’t you miss travelling already?! When you travel, do you like going to tourist-y and packed places? If you’re like me, no right? We built this web app Helno, a tourist density map exactly for that! It’s an app that tells you where people intend to be in the future so you can possibly avoid them or even just get an idea how busy your destination will be. Now with this pandemic, there’s another reason to avoid people too!

It’s still in its infancy stage and we need your wonderful help! If you’re travelling within the year or two, why not help us while you’re planning about your next trip so we can help you too! Simply go to web app Helno and then click on the “Add a Pin” button on the top right!

Please and thanks!

Disclaimer: At the time of writing we are still currently in a pandemic. We are not promoting travelling in the near future (you wouldn’t be able to anyways) but we’re advertising this now to get insights for your future travel plans.


  • How does this help me?
    The more people that add pins, the more accurate the data is! The more pins there are, the more you can actually see where places are busy and the more that you can plan accordingly.
  • Why do you need me to Add a Pin?
    You see the pins and destinations because people have volunteered and added their travel destinations. It is set up this way for now. It is on voluntary basis. Now while nothing is stopping you from just reading and not adding data, that’s kind of a selfish and dick move, isn’t it?
  • What are you going to do with my personally identifiable data?
    Actually, we’re not collecting any, if you’ve noticed. If you go to the “Add a Pin” page, you’ll see we only have two questions: Where you plan to go, and when. That’s IT!
  • Do I need to register to use the map or add a pin?
  • I don’t have plans to travel any time soon. What now?
    First, good job in being a responsible citizen of your nation and of the world! No worries and it’s actually good to hear if you do not have travel plans any time soon. We just ask that later on when you do, circle back on the website and help us help you 😉
  • Do I only put in confirmed flights?
    It doesn’t have to be just that. What we ask is that you provide credible and reliable information. If you’re just going to put all your wish list here and there’s less likelihood that you’ll actually be doing it, then you’ll just be ruining it for everybody right? So no, you can put in locations you intend to go to even without a flight ticket at the moment, so long as you’re actually going to be following through.