How cold is it in Canada?


(If you are Canadian, Scandinavian, or Russian, this’ll probably be mundane for you since this is meant for tropical people)

If you have ever wondered and especially if you are from the tropics who has never experienced winter, this is a good way to know how cold it is…contextualized 🙂

  • In the tropics, like Philippines, the coldest you will ever experience in any given year is our warmest in the summer
  • When you leave a brick of butter on the kitchen countertop and leave it there for the whole day, it’ll still be there..brick solid.
  • You know how you put pitchers/bottles of water inside the fridge to keep it cool? You don’t have to do that anymore lol It has the same effect if you leave it outside the fridge yet still indoors. You want freezer effect? put it out of your porch/window/balcony.
  • if you boil water and throw/splash it outside, something weird happens before it hits the ground. You’ll experience this
  • If it’s really cold and you’re really REALLY gassy in your tummy and you’re really warm, you best not fart out in public
  • When the temperatures warm up and most snow on the ground start to melt then it starts to go cold again, streets become skating rinks.
  • It is so cold that you cannot travel without a jacket. And when I say jacket, I don’t mean something like this, but more like this
  • Wiper fluids in your car must be replaced with a special fluid (water doesn’t work anymore, you know why). Winter wiper fluids have higher (or lower?) freezing point (It takes colder temperatures for it to freeze)
  • An entire Canal can freeze and it becomes a skating rink….and it’s actually a tourist attraction
  • Gas stations and other places still sell ice, yup. Guess where they put it. You guessed it right! Outside!