Learning French and how to love


I’m typing this as I sit here in the coach class flight from Stockholm back Toronto. This was/is an exceedingly important part of my life this year to re-assess myself, my haves, my wants, my plans, etc. I got to Stockholm and let’s just say “no fucks were given to work at all”. I was living. I was alive. I was socialising. I was…..happy. 
Something happened in Stockholm. It changed me again. Good things always happen when I go to Sweden. 
Enough babbling…

Sitting here and prioritizing what’s important for my life right now, I noticed something familiar to two different concepts.

I studied French and let’s take that as an example. It may only be applicable to French anyways.

In our classes, we were jump started with the important French words such as êtreavoiraller.

For those who parlez pas français, those are translated as: to be, to have, and to go, respectively.
What happens here is that you hit two birds with one stone. In French, you express tenses with those words. Those French words actually express the present, past, and future respectively.

I won’t go into the details. 
Let’s go back.

What I noticed is that learning French is like learning how to love, or in a more “social interaction”-friendly way, liking someone.

In French, you learn how one thing is to be, to have, and to go. In addition, you learn the past, the present, and the future of that thing.

In love it’s the same…but instead of a thing, it’s a person. You learn if a person is stable, fun, open-minded, and the likes. Do they also have emotional capabilities like trust, honesty, compassion, or passion. Do they have future goals for themselves in terms of personal goals/success, relationship goals, etc.?
In addition, what s/he is and was play a pivotal role in your decision.

This does not really stand for a guideline in your next round of dating attempt but just more of my personal observation.

It’s coincidental, it’s fun, it’s…heartwarming (both romantic or otherwise) and it’s……..-fuck send me back to Stockholm! …or Germany