Things You Learn from the Fashion Industry


1.) Money is really not everything. I had a consult with a fashion management colleague of mine one time. I was asking him how to seal a deal in sponsoring or being part of a fashion event in Central Europe. My scare is that it would cost us a lot of money.

He said:”Listen buddy, in the fashion world, money is nothing. Reputation is the number 1 currency. Are you reliable enough for them to involve you and be related to their brand? Are you relevant, are you useful, are you the best?”(not his exact words)

2.) Reputation is the number one currency. For chefs, it’s the palate. For web dudes, it’s knowing your thing. For fashion, it’s reputation (given of course that you are good or decent in what you do). Will they notice you and your work? Better question is, “should they”? The only way to do that is to rack up on those reputation points.

3.) “Design of Self”. This is a term I am coining. A fashion designer friend of mine told me that most people do not consider fashion as art. I can understand science, but art? Where would you put fashion otherwise? I say it is under Art, if not, Design.

Art is…art. However you would define it. Design is applied arts the same way technology is applied science. Design is not limited to physical,non-biological objects. That is why we have people like lifestyle designers and stuff. Fashion I would say runs in the same concept. You apply your art/design in tactile (e.g.: fabric/textile) the only difference is that you put it on yourself rather than putting it on a wall. 

“Design of self” would contain this: fashion. I’d push it a bit more by designing your self by your posture, demeanor, charisma, sense of style, mindset, way of thinking, etc. With these not only do you tackle aesthetic design, but also functional design. 

I love that I have been involved in the fashion community lately.

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