Data Visualization snapshot

Data Visualization: The 31 Most Popular Cities in the World


As you know, one of my skills and expertise is web development. I like visualizing data so that it’s more consumable and it makes more sense in just one glance. Us humans are very visual. I’m doing this Minimum Viable Product of a business idea and on the way I got to play with this data: Top 31 most popular cities in the world of 2018. What better way to present this data via a map.

I pulled this data from Business Insider: The 31 most popular cities in the world . I’m working on this…~let’s just call it a thing for now. The by-product of this endeavour for now is this data visualization app 😀 Check it out! It visualizes the places popular during 2018, complete with values and such.

It shows the top 31 destinations all across the world and along with it are the amount of travels there.

It’s cool if you zoom out far enough and you’ll see the clustering of places across the world.

What’s it for?

Well again it’s just a by-product of something much bigger I’m working on. At the same time I was trying to improve my ReactJS / API skills and also I actually place a lot of value with data visualization.

Most people think it’s just prettify-ing a data, but it’s actually much bigger than that. It facilitates fasting understanding of information thereby faster insight extraction, then you get faster and better-understood actionable insights you can implement.

See here of how I made use of data visualization before.

Apart from that, you can get a visual sense of the travel patterns of 2018. I know, it’s an arbitrary year, but definitely something better to look at compared to 2020 right (ha.) ?!

What Now?

I’ve actually been busy the past weekends coding on my free time and I have successfully come up with an mvp (minimum viable product) so watch out for that. I’ll probably update here anyways. That explains the lack of social media presence lately.

I’ll have better updates soon! I’ll be back to writing soon as well.