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How Ikon Pass buddy pass aka “Friends and Family discount” works


Hello! If you’ve been wondering, yes Ikon Pass has a promo and yes they have a buddy pass (aka Friends and Family discount). I’ll discuss how it works. For now, get cozy with your friend(s) that has an Ikon Pass!

Note: All these info are based on my 22/23 Ikon Base Pass. Numbers might change in the future.

Do Ikon Pass holders have discounts?


How many can they share?

8 (at least from my 22/23 Ikon Base pass).
10 if you have the Ikon Pass (the highest tier one).

How does it work?

Everything is done online. You don’t have to come up to a window with your buddy. The passholder can share these discounts through the Ikon Pass website. All they need from the recipient is their email address.

The recipient just provides the email address and then you’ll receive…something. A code maybe? It’s an email for sure. I never bothered to ask my friends. I believe you(the recipient) will have to register online in Ikon Pass but you won’t have to pay for anything else. Then just follow the instructions then they’ll walk you through buying a discounted day pass.

The recipient can then claim the discount and use it to get a discounted lift ticket. Until then the recipient can “give back” this discount to the passholder if s/he changed her mind and still has not claimed/used the discount yet.

How much is the discount?

25% off a single lift ticket

Can you give discounts to the same person again and again?

Yes. I’ve done this with a friend on a weekly basis.
I don’t know though if it works if a recipient wants to claim multiple discounts in the same day… Assume not possible.

For all others…

Go to the Ikon Pass FAQ.

Check out our ski pass calculator as well if you’re considering to purchase an Epic or Ikon pass.

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