disclaimer: this article/video ONLY talks about how safe/dangerous it is to learn/start snowboarding in a controlled environment, with a professional and certified instructor.
This video does not talk about the safety of snowboarding in general.

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uh today i’ll be talking about or

answering the question

of is snowboarding dangerous to learn

massive disclaimer so it’s a very first

question we’re talking about safety here

health and safety so massive disclaimer

what i’m about to say

and what you’re about to do are two

different things

so what i would say at the very first be


be sure you know and i i wanted to do

two more disclaimers but it’s going to

hit onto the topics that i’m going to be

talking about

which you know i’ll mention soon but

yeah be safe

and learn learn properly

from certified instructors and wear

safety gear

don’t don’t be stupid you know don’t


go black trails for the very first run

ever in your life

don’t don’t do that anyways let’s let’s

move forward so

number one is actually you know what

i’ve said

i’ve said all those three to be honest

um most people think when they see

snowboarding it’s dangerous because you

know first is the speed factor and then

you know the second is there’s really

nothing saving you from

all those speeds it’s just you and a

piece of wood

you know and and most people don’t even

wear like you know knee pads or whatever

things like this anyways um

basically the three things that i the

three things that i want to talk to you

about were basically the three

disclaimers that i that i said point

number one

is that um don’t don’t be stupid and

don’t underestimate

the the sport you know because you know

the concept it snows not be soft hence

you know if you fall it’s really soft

not always the case not even the case

most of the time

especially if you’re going fast and hard

and sometimes you’re not even hitting


sometimes you’re hitting other people or


or soil or concrete you know

so those those will hurt even with snow


hurts so be careful with those this this

happens especially this is a very big


when when a person you know personally

gets invited to

a ski trip or a group event where it’s a

ski mountain

basically a ski trip and you know person


is peer pressured into trying skiing or


and that’s fine if you wanted to try it

there’s really not nothing stopping you


going in a ski resort saying i would

like to rent

this this and this basically all the

gears that you need to snowboard

and then they’ll just give it to you

they you know to really don’t care

they’re not going to do like a

background check on you things like that

uh and then yeah going back to this

this hypothetical scenario person a

would be you know socially

convinced motivated or coerced to

try snowboarding without any prior

knowledge or without any

knowledge at all right and then this

person would go up the ski left oh my


just you know hopping on and off a ski

left is a

skill in itself uh i don’t even know how

other people do that

i know when skiing it’s a little bit

possible i don’t know if

that’s okay in the skiing world but in a

snowboard it’s

just a lot to learn just by learning how

to stand properly balance yourself and

actually just

go to the direction that you want to go

much more for

you know controlling and stopping those

are the two important parts

at least when you’re learning first so

you know if you’re

like this person person a don’t don’t i

highly suggest

that you don’t ever do that

if your friends invite you to a ski trip

if your friends invite you to go into

ski trip that’s fine

go go with it and if you are personally


or interested in learning snowboard go

for it

but what i would suggest is point number


you know learn properly learn most if

not all ski resorts

offer ski lessons so point number two is


you know actually learn from someone who

is certified

to do so and um

you know to take your hands and take it

really slow

because even for me i think it took me

like maybe like three days

just to get the basics of like heal edge

toe edge you know

heal edge toe hatch and then switching

going to that direction and then going

to the other direction

it takes a while so if you’re going on

ski trip two you know going back to that

hypothetical example and let’s say

you’re going for five days

if you actually have the energy and

patience to continue snowboarding three

out of those five days you’ll just be


the basics you know you’re not going to

be going with your friends and ripping

it hard and you know things like those

that you see

and instagram no you’re not going to be

able to do that

i wouldn’t even advise you to try that i


say you know that for number two go with

a proper

uh with a proper instructor because

sure your friend could teach you but

it’s just more sure on you know

like a certified snowboard instructor uh

it’s just more sure plus in that given

day they really don’t really have

anything else to do

other than to teach people so to really


focus on you and you’re teaching you new

things or proper things

compared to your friend who is probably

you know trying to accelerate everything

because he

he he or she wants to be like i want you

to learn fast so we can hit that

you know which is dangerous for you fun

for him or her but it’s dangerous for


and uh yeah you don’t want to ruin his

fun you also don’t want to ruin your

safety and your your fun and happiness


so you know if and when you can or when

you can

just just go to you know a ski or

snowboard instructor

and learn that way don’t also don’t try


jump it where you know you see the ski

left you know that mechanism that

carries people up the mountain no

for most people when you’re learning

there’s a there’s a bunny hill they call

which is basically like a small hump and

that’s where you learn

and based on my experience too that’s

that’s also where i stayed for like the

first three days

three not three you know like three

consecutive days but three attempts that

i learned snowboarding

uh keep it there because to be honest

when you’re learning

that in itself is like too much already

you’re like oh my god this is so steep

and it goes so fast things like this

and yeah don’t don’t dump it and then

last but not the least which is the

third one that i mentioned is that

don’t also underestimate the importance

of safety gear i have

the very most obvious one for

snowboarders is

or helmets basically you know don’t

don’t underestimate that mostly some

people you know they just wear beanies

or troops

on you know with their goggles and they

look cool

which is great you know but from my

experience i’ve never really had that

notion of like oh

helmets are so uncool because one it’s a

safety thing and two

i i would say i’m around like an

intermediate level

and no matter what level that i think i


in i always consider myself as a

beginner because

it is in reality that’s what i do you

know like

with snowboarding it’s like it’s sports

where you have a preference if you’re a

lefty or righty you’re

either you know facing that way

snowboarding or you’re facing this way

snowboarding and then for most people

uh for most for most people or for some


i mean they would have that preference

that if i’m you know right foot dominant

for example

you know i’d be like this i actually

don’t know if it’s going to be flipped

on screen but

we’ll see but you know what i mean you

know for example it’s right foot


and uh i would stay this way

you know i would actually snowboard 90

of the time this way there’s nothing

wrong with that

but for me personally i i always try to

learn new things i like jumps in terrain


but at the same time the biggest

achievement the recent

biggest achievement that i had was like

writing switch

which is basically i i’m like that i’m

right for the dominant like that

but you know writing switch is basically

going the other way

or the other direction and when you’re

trying to do that the very first time

you know especially after you’ve

mastered your your primary stance

you’re gonna be like oh my god i don’t

know how to snowboard

and it’s great and then you know with

those you’re you know you could be

seasoned you could be like

snowboarding for like years and years

with your your dominant stance

when you try so much you’re like falling

again you know smacking your ass lacking

your head

you know things like those so as you try

new things

no matter how experienced you are you

might get into certain accidents right

um it also comes with terrain you know

you could be

like pro snowboard snowboarder in canada

for example

and then you come to you know french

alps or swiss alps of course like much


you know like higher risk and higher

basically higher anything right

and then you’re not used to it you’re

not from there so it’s like any roads

you know you don’t really know anything

and then you might

make a wrong turn make a wrong move

wrong assessment

and the next thing you know you hit your


so yeah don’t underestimate that like

this the smallest things like those

this is very important not just when it

comes to equipment

actually the last thing with equipment

is that i also use

butt pads um that’s you know

you’ll see it i wrote a blog about it so

check out the link

below so it’s basically like you know

like a rubber padded

parts of you of your area like dots hips

you know sides things like those so that

if and when you fall

on your ass on your hips it doesn’t hurt

as much if not at all

um i i still use that for the same you


same reason because that i always

consistently try new things

and then yeah last but not least it’s

not just it’s not just

safety on the equipment side but also

safety and the performance and

how you’re doing things right as


you know if you are in a new ski resort

no matter how experienced you are don’t

go like

full speed on the trail you don’t know

right for all you know maybe there’s


you know like a it’s a small you know

what they call that like you know a

small trail or like someone’s gonna pop

out of the tree and you don’t know

you know it might cause like that or you

know you might be

used to i don’t know cutting in line

some people like that you know just cut

in line when it comes to like lifts you

know things like those you’re just gonna

get into trouble or you know some people


people might not expect that and then

you’re just getting to like

bump onto someone or something like that

right so

be be safe in that way too enact in

actions not just any equipments but in


don’t don’t over underestimated

you know especially if it’s a new trail

it’s it’s a new

thing that you’ve seen you’re in a new

place or sometimes just even

new conditions where you know you’re

used to

powder for example you know the very

fine fluffy snow

that you see and then you just go at it

but during the ski resort where it’s

like all ice

so so most of the things you know it’s

kind of like out the window or you have

to be like

extra careful because it’s just my

device now

so yeah uh three things um

don’t underestimate uh

you know don’t get too excited uh and

then the other one is

learned properly learned through a

security snowboard instructor

and the other one is like don’t

underestimate safety gear

safety actions yeah so hopefully that

helps and uh

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