Conscious of Your Accent? Don’t Be!


Hey all! Another YouTube video for this week. Part of me is experimenting, the other…~well it just makes sense to do a vid for an auditory topic 🙂

You might need to bump up the audio for this one since turns out I was still quiet while recording.

Video Transcript Below


hey guys

how’s it going today i’m going to be

talking about accents

and if you are one of those people who

are ashamed

or you know a little bit cautious and

insecure about your accent i

say don’t i mean

first don’t try to get rid of it don’t

try to delete it

maybe add to it sure you know in order

to learn a new one but not not

get rid of it right i have um i have

three ideas

on why you should keep it

you know or at the very least don’t be

ashamed of it don’t be insecure but

i know it’s easier said than done all

right the very first reason

for you know wanting to or

not having to care about your accent is

the very first point that i have on my

list i have three

um the very first point is that the

greater world

does not care about your accent and you


let me clarify this i’m using the word

greater world

um but that is um you know if i’ve had


i’ve had this experience when i was in

you know grade school high school

where i would try to speak in english

you know

taking into consideration i was born and

living in the philippines by then

um and then you know i would try to

speak it and also i would try to speak

at the which

you know code and coach correct accent


like either just an english accent north

american accent

and you know just in my head it’s just

kind of practical you know it is the

english language there is an english

accent you know there are different

accents for the english language

actually there’s british

australian you know north american

things like this

but um you know i’m trying to pronounce

it and enunciate things as

how it’s supposed to be or what i would

consider what how it’s supposed to be

and um my

peers would be we would be kind of not

really making fun but they would take

jabs sometimes it’s you know it’s

something you can easily brush off


it kind of gets to you but that’s very

rare in my you know

my experience but the point is uh

you’ll have that sort of experience


you know you think you’re you think

you’re doing something wrong

not necessarily wrong i’m trying to find

this word here you think you’re doing

something wrong or you think

okay sometimes my you know my my friends

would be juggling i was like oh

you’re you’re trying too hard

you’re trying too hard you’re you’re

trying to fake it you know

things like that but i know in my head

at least you know based on

you know based on western media for


you know that is how they would say it

and so that’s how i would say it

it is the english language there is an

english accent

same concept for other languages if you


french for hello you say bonjour right

you don’t say bonjour

you know when you say dania in russia

it’s there’s that accent

right there’s you don’t say those with

dania or somebody it just sounds

weird you know uh

yeah so anyways going back i’m getting


so my experience with that is that you

know with my small circle in my school

you would get you would get some teasers

some jabs you know things like those and

you’d think you’re

kind of doing it wrong or you’d be

affected by

those opinions or reactions but in


it’s it’s once you get out of that small

bubble or small environment that you

were in

the greater world that’s what i’m trying

to say especially when you travel

they don’t really care you know um

take for example whichever country that

you live in once you start traveling

once you hop on to a different airport

actually even

before you get to the other airport like

your airport alone

you know people start to talk

differently you know a little bit more

english i guess depending on the region

part of the world you’re in and uh yeah

they’re more accepting they don’t really

care about your accent as long as you’re

what you’re saying or what you want to

do or what you want to convey is

actually what’s coming across with your

mouth and

that’s why i don’t really care about the

accent uh

yeah and the second part is that accents

you know as i mentioned with regards to

the french and the russian example

accents are part of the um it’s part of

language you know

different countries have different

languages and in different languages

have different accents that’s fine

and yeah there’s there’s this one to one

each language have their own accent and

then especially when you’re trying to

learn a different uh

new one rather than you know other than

the one that you know

sometimes your natural accent will kind

of cling on when

you try haha when you’re trying to

speak the other language and that’s fine

that’s normal it’s because like that’s

how your brain is where right obviously

if you say things in a certain way

and if you try to say things in a

different they say

you know other language other words by

default you

you get from your experience how you say


you know that’s totally fine it’s great

if you’re trying to

you know it’s great if you’re trying to

learn the other accent as well

because obviously as i said there’s

corresponding access to correspond

corresponding languages i had a filipino

slip there

you’d want to learn the accent but as

you’re learning that’s that’s i guess

what i’m trying to point out here

as you’re learning don’t don’t feel

insecure about it

don’t feel ashamed about it you’re not

doing anything wrong

to be honest and you know it’s part of

the learning process it’s

you even me you know learning my third

language is the same

which is french it’s like you don’t know

how to say

things and that’s totally fine you’re

learning you’re starting from scratch

and that’s that’s just how it is you


and it’s great especially if you’re you

know trying to add

the accent maybe in the first few tries

the first few years of trying to learn a


don’t worry about the accent focus focus

on the messaging focus on the you know

what is it what it is that you’re trying

to say

and focus on the you know i’m feeling

that accent is a little bit secondary

compared to the actual content of the


focus on that first but it’s great

because like eventually you’ll realize

that sometimes you know accents make a


where where you know for example in

french when you say busave which is

you know you is different i’m sorry

busave and are different you know

there’s just that slight difference the

s and the z sound

but there are two different things one

says uh you you know

and the other one says you have um

that’s that’s kind of where it kind of

you know plays a role not just in french

other languages too and uh

yeah that goes later that goes secondary

last but not the least

the last but not the least the the

reason why i think

you shouldn’t worry about accents at all

is that

it’s it’s part of your personality you


it’s part of your personality it’s part

of your character

on two levels one it’s part of the

personality of

whichever nationality or citizen that

you are in

and the other one is it’s part of you as

an individual

right so you know the first one is given

obviously if you

are of i don’t know

if if you’re from a spanish-speaking


and then you start speaking or

you know start to learn and speak

english you might have that spanish


it’s totally fine i’ve known lots of

people i have friends

who who still carry those and for me


with the last point which is you know it

gives you character and personality i


like it when when people have their

accents on and they’re trying to speak


languages you know primarily english


because because for me it’s just

something new it’s something different

it is um

it kind of gives you a flavor like an

auditory flavor

to how things are inside uh there’s

nothing wrong with it

there’s nothing wrong with having an

accent and there’s nothing wrong with

you know carrying it over again so long


so long as you’re actually

the message is getting across that’s the

most important part

and yeah

anyways those are my um top three


or why i think um you should keep

your accent or at least don’t be ashamed

don’t be insecure

about it um

yeah pardon the different um

formats this time i’m a little bit


uh i figured that you know let’s give

video a shot again

at the same time i’m talking about you

know accents it’s not really something

you can

convey or type

you know you can’t you can convey

accents on type

uh by typing and yeah let me know if

this works

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