The Ski Week 2018 – Obertauern, Austria!


The Ski Week 2018 is AWESOME. How about we start with that huh? While this is not my formal review of the overall event, I’ll tell you here my experience for this year (yup, I went multiple times lol).

For a full, comprehensive, and latest (2019) review of the overall event, click here!

This was my first time in…most of it actually! It’s the first time I’m participating at this event, let alone events of this type. Also, it’s the first time I’m heading to the Austrian Alps for some serious mountain! I also joined an apartment of 5. I did not know anyone. Actually true story, all of us in our room went individually so we were all strangers and didn’t know what to expect! All I can remember was:

“Alright Dan, we’re here for the mountain, for the high quality snow. Worse comes to worst that I have horrible roommates, at least I know I can snowboard my heart out the entire day, drink and meet other people at night, and then do it again for 5 days.”

I really made it a point to not expect much. My passion and love for snowboard was more than enough reason 😀

…and what do you know, we all got along extremely well! We’re all buddies and some I’ve actually met again outside the ski week, after months/years of the event!


The location was great! I didn’t know anything about Obertauern before but now I love it! It’s a good size (big mountain/international) and great snow quality. It dumps and you can def get pow. It’s just naturally challenging sometimes because TSW Austria is usually March.

All of the participants are in one apartment complex (or two) and it’s very central and it’s ski-in-ski-out.

Events / Activities

Everything was worth it, fun, exciting, and memorable!


It is VERY INTERNATIONAL, which I extremely like and prefer! You get to meet a lot of cool (and decent) people! Not a lot of douchebags and pretenders but I’m there were some. All of the people I interacted with were like me: I was there to enjoy the sports I like and I’m always down to meeting interesting people!

Sorry this is the worst review ever haha! I edited this just recently and most of my positive reviews are very evident in the vid. I put a lot of effort in that and I covered a lot there so I’m not really motivated to re-write the things I recorded already.

I’m sure you’re ultimately, just wondering: is it worth it, is it fun, safe, insert-extremely-positive-adjective here.

The answer is YES. Just go.

(This article was re-written around September 2019. Before I just had a video embedded and no relevant textual content. The video is also playable in the header.)

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