(Very elaborate) Experience in flying Business Class (Part 2 of 2)


This article is a continuation of .

So, I’m home now. Trip’s done and all happy. Now, let’s go back to that business class trip!

Let’s continue on the part where I boarded the plane!
Here’s a fun part, you know when you enter a plane, you turn right, right? (because left is cockpit)….well, I TURNED LEFT WOOO! No, not cockpit but for our plane, it was the business class area! That was very exciting for me and I giggled haha!

You get a pod for yourself and everything’s all nice and snazzy. They welcome you with warm nuts and juice as an “appetizer” – ish. Oh, you get a champagne too.

At the very base of it, you get the worth right away, no matter what happens. It’s because you get something most people can’t get: space…lots of it!

You kind of get a more VIP service in Business class (as you should):

Let me just fire to you the good things about it during flight:

– you get more food servings. By this I mean you have a welcome snack, better options, bigger portions of food too. I believe your selection is more “high” than coach. Also you get more value from it because you have a better appetizer and dessert after.
-there’s cutlery (not plastic)
-stewards try to give you a more personalized feel by trying to memorize your name
-you have tons of S P A C E
-your seat reclines
-you get a pillow, like an actual pillow
-you also get a duvet LOL
-your seat has a massage option
-lots of food again

Aside from the fact that it’s been weeks already, I’m not so much excited anymore because I did not have much of a good experience completely. Now let me list you the bad stuff:

-your tv flips open from the side. During takeoff, my tv flipped open by itself 😐 signs of wear and tear. I gave the benefit of the doubt and it might have just been because of the previous person in my seat…but no, I actually can’t close it LOL So imagine me during take-off and landing haha
-you have a nightlight; a blue light just for your pod when they turn off the light….well guess what, mine FLICKERS. I informed the stewardess and she told me: “you have to adjust your seat then it will stop doing that” ….”whuuuut?”.
She meant I have to lean back my seat and undo it the very least and it will stop blinking. Yes, it works. But if you’ve realized, she suggestion is a temporary fix and there’s something inherently wrong with the seat and the lighting. Not only did it make me dizzy, it pisses off other people in the biz class.
-the massage feature is useless. How? I enabled it and it’s like a very slow push on your back. It will make noise then you’ll only feel something after 5-7 seconds LOL. And what you’ll feel is literally a bar shaped object pushing you on your back. Also, it’s useless because it’s soooo noisy that it will surely piss off the two people beside you.
-the realization that the full flat feature of your seat is useless too. Look at it this way (as I did). In order for you to benefit from that feature that you paid for, you will have to sleep….or lie down and do nothing. If you wanna fully take advantage and get the value of that, then you can sleep as long as possible. Well, if you do, you just paid $800 to sleep…The same thing you can do in couch. Business class or coach, sleep is sleep. It doesn’t get better by paying LOL. You can say it’s more spacious and much more comfortable in biz. Well, my complain everytime with coach is my neck hurts when napping. So….$800 for a neck pain…not worth it still.
-tv/movie selection I believe is the same

Ultimately, I’d price the entire experience as…$300-$400 in total. $800, well, it’s one for the experience.

Will I do business class again out of leisure? Yes, on a very long-haul flight (eg: Canada to Asia). Short haul like Toronto to West Coast, maybe not.

It works like this: your business class price depends how long the leg is. The shorter distance, the cheaper and vice versa. But if it’s short distance, yes it’s cheap, but there’s not much reason to make yourself be more comfortable. Sit in for 45mins or so and you’re there. Take a nap, read a book. That does it.
When it’s super far though, well you guessed it, it’s freakin expensive. So…not that I will book my next long haul flight as biz class but I’m just saying that only here will I find the need for it. 16hours in a plane is exact/borderline-too-much for me. I can sleep, watch all the damn movies, eat, and work, and I still wouldn’t be there. So it will then be a toss up of “Can I afford it” vs “How bad do I need it”.

Will I book business class again with Air Canada? Probably not. I’ll give them my benefit of the doubt but for you,  I suggest that if you can do discounted biz class with other airlines (european national ones are good), try those first. Air Canada is your plan B….or C….

Sorry Air Canada