Internationalization vs Localization


No, this is not an article defining and explain both. For that, you can find it here.
That is basically the one and only legitimate and reliable document you will ever need.

So in my current day job at Thane, we’re constantly working on multiple international commerce websites. Yup, this company operates and has offices in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland), UK, and Australia just to name a few.

Lately, we as a team (but mostly being taking care of the execs) are having problems with the topic. We have for example have a site in Australia. Basically, who gives?

Reasons why local should call the shots:
-they know their market
-they will be the one using it
-they know what is best for their specific audience

Reasons why international should win:
-all international sites have (and should have) consistent presence/design/layout
-you can actually get better practice and standards if you look outside your country (Imagine a first/second-world-country-based company sharing information, standards, and best practices to “lesser-web-aware” countries)
-HQ and your CEO resides in Canada

Both sides have valid points. Both are right. So who takes the lead right?

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