How are Dope Snow, Montec, and Ride Store related?


So you’ve probably been hit by their strong social media marketing and you got curious and interested with either: Dope Snow, Montec, or Ride Store. Who are they? Where are they from? Are their products reliable?!

For now, I can actually answer the first two. I will be able to tell you the product quality later on since I intend to make a snowboard jacket purchase later on.

Ride Store is the parent company to which it owns Dope Snow and Montec. I first heard about this in message boards online. I like verifying things so I actually emailed them and asked them exactly this thing:

If you load the Montec and the Dope Snow websites side by side, you’ll notice that they’re actually the same, look and feel wise. Actually even their products are super similar (even pricing too), feature-wise and design-wise with some small difference. Apart from that, it’s the same thing, different product patches.


Are they some cheap ass, fly-by-night company in China? Nope. They’re actually from Sweden.
(or maybe that’s what they want us to believe 🤔 lol I’m such a shit disturber lol). Nah, they look legit. WHOIS / server details show the server is in US and contact is in Sweden.

Is Ride Store related to Ride Snowboards? As far as I know, no.

Why are there two separate brands? I’m actually not sure. What I can tell you is probably the historical reason why. They’ve only been around maybe around 3-4 years? I’m guesstimating. And when I was googling around (and when I actually tried to checkout an order), what ended up happening before was that I think Montec was just for the European market while Dope Snow was for North America (and rest of world?). I tried checking out in Montec around maybe 3-4 years ago and they wouldn’t let the transaction through.

[added: Jan 2022] Are they good? I can’t tell you a first hand experience but I can tell you that A LOT of people are wearing them now. Take that as however.

[added: Nov 2022] Our review for Dope Snow Adept W Snowboard Jacket is now up and available!

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