A snapshot of the passion project I built!

Passion Project: Time Calculator


Here’s a different content and a different layout this week. Let me tell you about one of my passion projects this year, which is a dinky and simple time calculator 😂. It’s a simple passion project of mine that allows you to add/substract multiple time values in different formats. It’s fast, easy, simple, and clean! Pas compliqué. Yup, shop around out there you’ll see this actually is better 😉

I know I know, it sounds stupid and simple, but hey it’s a big deal for me! Why/how? Well during the start of the pandemic, I promised to myself that in order to make the time indoors worth it, I have to complete a passion project. That first project was actually this experimental project (intentionally deactivated right now):

Which also started the articles of mine like these:

No More Excuses, Even in a Pandemic

I keep on saying “oh I don’t have time, I have to do this and that” well now, no more excuses right!? I really just promised myself one so after the first one I was happy and satisfied with my result. Now having a second one is bonus.

On some aspects of my dayjob some time tracking are needed and while I have tools to keep track of my time, I have it in different places and categories so every now and then I’d have to consolidate them from different places/categories and I’d need a tool like this.

It gives me the opportunity to improve and calibrate my React/JS chops, at the same time I’m solving a problem (for myself and for some people I hope) no matter how small a problem it is. It’s positive thinking: knowing how to solve and approach small problems so you’re ready for the next, big ones 😉

Did the promotion work? Is it compelling? 😀 How’s my salesmanship? I’m trying to improve my sales game here.

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