My Burton Custom 156

Snowboard Question: Am I strapping my bindings properly? Do Burton Step Ons solve the problem?

This question was linked from several private facebook snowboard improvement groups. I've included some helpful feedback at the bottom.

I’ve been contemplating on getting some Burton Step Ons for the longest time. For me, I see the strapping time and less energy spent on strapping as huge pluses.

Every time I look around though, I don’t see pros switching to them any time soon. Even if I ask my expert friends, they say Step Ons are cool but since they’re so pro, they don’t experience the problems that Step Ons are trying to solve to begin with (for them). They can even strap on while moving.

So being honest to myself, maybe I’m just not pro enough and I’d prefer to be pro and not worry about strapping and have better snowboarding experience overall.
That said, I’m reviewing/validating my binding problems. I’d say I’m an intermediate boarder but here are the problems I encounter:

  • I prefer to strap on standing when I can since I think that’s better, faster, simpler. However sometimes when I try to strap on while on the go, I end up stepping on my straps itself (the side with the teeth or sometimes the padding itself) and I just mess it up. Of course I try to move it away before sliding my foot in but it’s like trying to get rid of that bed hair/cow lick that keeps on flapping back.
  • even if I can slide in my foot flawlessly, it’s usually not aligned to my bindings (e.g.: my heel is not flushed against the back of my binding so I have to wiggle it in). Whether in motion or not, it becomes a balancing trick of keeping your balance while bent over and then nudging it in.
  • then there’s this weird thing where if I try to connect my bindings (connecting the teeth part to the padded part) with one hand, it’s always hard to guide the opening of the teeth part to the opening of the padded part. Mostly I think it’s because the padded part has this shape already so when I’m guiding it, it’s curled inwards already. They’ll touch each other sure, but they’re not going to easily slide in with each other. Get what I mean? Also I ride a Burton Freestyle circa 2015.
  • I can do all these much easier and faster if I just sit down, but then sitting down/standing up adds its own complexity and energy.

I don’t mind going through the entire process and if you tell me these are all normal, then I’m happy. I’m just trying to make sure if I’m doing something off or am I missing something.

  • Is it the binding?
  • Is it me? I’d say I’m average and keeping my weight and fitness in check. Naturally this isn’t much of a problem when I start riding but on the latter half when your tank’s running low, any energy I burn strapping means more chances of me making stupid and high-consequence mistakes as I ride.
  • Or maybe it’s neither. Is it because I’m riding just a small hill (Blue Mountain / Mt St Louis) so naturally there’s a lot strapping involved?

Any help would be appreciated!

Helpful Responses

  • “Only answer is snowboard more, nobody consciously gets better at strapping in your just get comfortable, not anything you can really explain”
  • “Okay if you are having trouble strapping in while standing yo I should.Slow downMake sure they are tightYou can build shelf to stand on so, your are more level.Put in your down hill so, your don’t slide.If you are still having problems it might be that your bindings aren’t adjusted well making harder to strap in.”
  • ” its u” 😂
  • “I quite like step ons when I tried them -but personally prefer strap bindings. Think you are over analysing the situation tbh.”
  • “Pretty sure that putting step ons whilst moving will require some skill too. the movement is pretty different from when I demo’ed it, and it does not save the time you think you save.”