Burton Flannel Face Mask


Burton makes excellent snowboards, like the Burton Custom. Now we’re here to find out if they also make great face masks in this review.

A couple of notes before the review:

  • most of my feedback will be comparing this mask with Airhole’s Daily Face Mask. I’ve tried several (e.g.: masks you got from Amazon, those disposable ones, etc. and Airhole’s was the one I liked the most and I think is the most useful). Let’s see if Burton can take it out of the top spot (for me).
  • this goes without saying as a disclaimer, none of these masks are medically proven to provide you 100% protection from any airborne virus.
  • pardon the pandemic hair lol


I definitely like their colour choices and admittedly that’s one factor why it caught my attention (and eventually lead to a purchase). It’s refreshing to see plaid as a design when most if not all masks are solid patterns. The colour selection is also different, yet not too much calling-out-for-attention. This is one of Burton’s 3-pack option. If you look at their websites they have other colour variations too.

Fabric (side) extension

Here you can see also their design differences. If you compare it with Airhole’s (I have pictures here), Burton’s mask (the actual fabric of it) seems to extend closer to your ear compared to Airhole’s (and most masks) where the “mask” ends maybe an inch or so from your mouth and it’s just strings from there.

I don’t know what to make of it. On one hand, I never found it a problem if the fabric ends closer to your mouth. I also don’t see the advantage of this fabric extension. It’s not like your cheeks need filtration.

It’s spring right now so maybe this’ll make sense come winter where that additional fabric adds to heat retention. They are after all a snowboard brand.


It’s damn comfortable. Very. It’s definitely more comfortable than Airhole’s.


This mask is straight up just cotton. That’s probably why it’s so comfortable. Well, both of them are made from cotton, but compared to Airhole’s theirs actually have three layers to it: cotton + polypropylene + cotton again. Burton’s is just one layer: cotton. Not gonna lie, I feel like there’s less filtering and protection going on here…das not good.

Ear Loops

Since the fabric extends close to your ear, you’ll have to tighten the strings even more. As you can see in the picture above, I’ve tightened and adjusted the strings already for myself. The problem sometimes when I try to wear it is then the loops (where my ears go in) are small. So sometimes it feels like you’re having to fold your ears to just put it in.

Sure if I can loosen them and just tighten them as I wear it, but who does that regularly right? And even if I can bring myself to do that every time, that’s another moving part that just invites wear and tear.


Perceived Efficacy of the Mask

Since it’s just one layer of cotton, it’s easy to breath through it; not sure if that’s a good thing.

Before I had a rather hard mask, it doesn’t move when you inhale/exhale. Airhole’s was balanced because it flaps/expands/shrinks as you breathe. For me it’s a good indication that the mask is actually forcing you to breathe through the fabric; there’s a sensation of putting it to work. This one is just…nothing.

It’s literally the same sensation if you just get a tee or any clothing made of cotton, and just put a layer on your mouth and breathe through it (and it’s easy to breathe through it).

I don’t know…To give it a benefit of the doubt, maybe the fit is so nice and snug that it doesn’t flap? (doesn’t feel like it though). And you know when you use a proper mask and you know the filtration is working because it’s harder for you to breathe? Yea, I don’t feel that here lol…so…yea…not a good thing.


Filter Pocket

They have these pockets so I guess it’s something that makes up for it (filters not included on purchase). Entry slot of it is also comedically small. I guess you’ll have to roll, insert, and massage your filter in place to make it work lol.

No Nose Bridge Wiring

This one’s a big feature that I like, that I think is important, that they don’t have.

They instead have this separate stitching for your nose bridge. Personally I’ve been spoiled by the nose bridge wire. That’s the most effective. With Burton’s, you can tell there are spaces on top of your cheeks caused by your nose bridge. While the fabric is meant to follow that angle, it’s not really sealing it at all.

Again, the more fabric/less wiring, I also don’t know if that’s a good idea. First, it adds cost and your cheeks don’t need filtering. I’m surmising that if you have a beard, it’s less sealed (since your beard will just push the mask out), unlike if it’s just a string, it just goes through your beard.

notice the plastic pill-looking fasteners that locks and tightens the strings in place

The fastening also feels like I should be impressed but it has the opposite effect for me. It’s round, it’s big, and soft. I feel the normal rubber band should’ve been enough. Airhole has this tiny, strong ‘rubber band’ that holds it in place. I find it perfect, simple, and effective. It doesn’t loosen, unless you really force it when you’re adjusting the sizing.

Now, there’s another moving plastic part that can be the next weak link of the entire product. For now it works, it’s comfortable, and it’s easy to adjust and secure.

Wrap Up

It’s definitely a good mask and to be honest, I was a bit biased before trying this product out. I mean, I wanted it to be the best. I love their brand. But to be objective and honest, it’s not the greatest. They’ve definitely dominated the looks and comfort category, but that’s not all I’m looking for. Also maybe the mask is more suited for winter clothing since the added fabric may provide additional face warmth as well.

On the other categories, I feel like they wanted to do it differently. Some decisions I don’t understand; others I think they didn’t have to reinvent it. Simple is good. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

If you’re shopping for another face mask that’s made by a ski/snowboard apparel company, I suggest checking out Airhole’s Daily Face Mask.

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