What to Expect When Learning How to Snowboard


Earlier in the year I’ve provided a youtube video discussing my 5 years of Snowboard Progression (don’t worry, embed below).

It is 20m and I’m sure that’s difficult for people to commit to and risk their time being wasted. You don’t get to learn anything and the video becomes a waste.

So what I did is I added time links and table of contents so you can navigate to the parts you’re interested in!

If you want, we also have a quick prep-guide (written article) for first-time snowboarders.

These time links are also available (and clickable) in the description body if you go to the youtube vid itself.

  • Intro: 0:00
  • Quick background prior to learning: 0:50
  • First time snowboarding: 1:57
  • Purchasing gear the first time: 5:10
  • Things you’ll need to buy: 6:13
  • How to learn by yourself: 6:30
  • Start of year-by year breakdown: 8:03
  • Year 1 Summary: 8:11
  • Year 2 Summary: 10:04
  • Building Confidence: 10:59
  • What do green, blue, and black trails mean? (Trail difficulties) 11:07
  • Different Types of Snow 12:16
  • Year 3 Summary: 13:06
  • Terrain parks basics: 14:17
  • Year 4 Summary: 15:50
  • Year 5 Summary: 17:20
  • How I knew that I was “good” already (not great or epic, but just good): 18:36

New to Snowboarding?

Your first question is probably: should I ski or snowboard?

If you’ve faithfully chosen snowboarding we actually wrote a quick prep guide for snowboarders!

It’s not recommended to buy gear on or before your first day, but when you get there check out our K2 Fuse (perfect for beginner) review or our Burton Custom Review (Good for intermediate/advanced).

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